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Care Management

A Care Manager is a health and human services specialist who is a guide, advocate, and resource for families caring for older adults, people who are developmentally disabled, and people suffering from brain injuries. A Care Manager may be trained in the fields of nursing, social work, gerontology, psychology, and other health professions with a specialized focus on these issues.

The Care Manager is the link between every facet of a client's care. The Care Manager works extensively with client’s Family and Friends, Primary Physician, Fiduciary Entities, Attorney, Community Resources, Facilities, Pharmacy, Home Care Agencies and Private Care Givers, Hospice, Home Health, Other Medical Entities, and any other aspect of the client’s care.

Life Care Solutions coordinates comprehensive life-enhancing care that meets the individual’s needs, ranging from the basic to the complex. Our staff of devoted professionals is committed to providing services that encourage independence, maintain dignity, and value the individual.

Services are customized specifically to each Client and the Care Manager whose skills are best suited to the Client's needs is assigned to manage the case.

Other Services

Professional Guardianship

A Guardianship is a legal structure to assist with the personal affairs, health, and well being of an individual who is functionally incapacitated or lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate reasonable decisions concerning his/her person.

Care Management Assurance

The Care Management Assurance program is for individuals and families who would like to be connected to all the resources care management can provide, including support and occasional "checking in" but don't require frequent services.


An assessment is an evaluation of the physical and cognitive ability of the client and their living situation and environment. It provides a written documentation of recommendation and conclusions based on the evaluation.

Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA)

A MPOA is a legal structure that is activated once an individual is no longer able to make medical decisions for himself/herself.

Who We Are


Life Care Solutions ensures that each client is treated with dignity and respect, is emotionally and physically stable, and is maintained in the least restrictive living situation.


Life Care Solutions provides the support and services necessary to meet individual need and ensure quality of life while respecting individual choices and values.


Life Care Solutions was started in 1994 after Robin Dahmen, a Nurse, and Susan Reed, a Social Worker, realized the traditional medical model fragments care and recognized the need for a care management solution that would allow senior citizens to make their own choices and remain as independent as possible. They chose to create an organization that would make a difference in the continuum of life for the elderly and disabled.

Meet The Team

Erik Schmidt

Sheila Schmidt



Kristen Brandenburg

Julie Volk

BA, Notary Public
Care Manager/ Care Manager Assistant

Care Manager

Kristen has a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She began working at Life Care Solutions in January of 2010 as a Care Manager Assistant, she now holds the position of Care Manager. Kristen previously worked as an administrative assistant at Pepsi Cola from 2005 to 2009. In 2009 she also worked for the Colorado Medical Weight Loss Center as a receptionist. While not working Kristen enjoys knitting, scrapbooking, being a member of Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club, and attending Colorado Rapids games.

Julie has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Moorhead. Julie joined the Life Care Solutions team as a Care Manager in December of 2012. Prior to Life Care Solutions, she worked with people who have developmental disabilities and children with autism. She also currently work as a Court Visitor for El Paso County Probate Court. In her free time Julie enjoys reading and gardening.

Kirby Gould

Cate Snow

Care Manger

Care Manager


Matt Dahmen


BSBA, Notary Public
Administrative Assistant/ Marketeer


Office Dog

Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He has been an Administrative Assistant at Life Care Solutions since April of 2008. While not at work Matt enjoys hiking, spending time in the outdoors, Crossfit, cooking/ eating, playing cards, and swimming.

Patriot has been the Office Dog at Life Care Solutions since February 2014. He has a PhD in napping. While not at work Patriot enjoys chasing squirrels, playing fetch, chewing on his toys and bones,  eating, spending time with family, and other dog tasks.


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